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Posted on 20th Apr 2015 Back to News

Introducing: Christ the King’s Fast Track Programme

As a specialist in post-16 education, Christ the King Sixth Form College is dedicated to ensuring that students feel confident, ambitious and well prepared for the future. Whilst academic support is integral to this process, the College recognises that young people also benefit immensely from employment-based enrichment programmes and workshops which prepare them for the world of work and life after university. The Fast Track Programme, which makes its debut this year, has been tailored specifically by the Quality and Partnerships department to meet these needs. The programme endeavours to support motivated and ambitious students in the development of wider skills, with particular focus on external employer engagement.

The first stage of the programme, which comprises a two day training session, coaches the students on how to communicate effectively, how to develop networking skills, how to understand the workplace environment and how to make a positive impression. Upon completion of this training session, students are then given the opportunity to gain valuable, first-hand experience through a series of internships, work experience placements and work place visits. Experiences of this kind not only familiarise young people with a variety of working environments, but also give them the opportunity to forge links with some of the country’s leading corporate and public organisations. 

The principle objectives of the Fast Track programme are to help students to:

  • Understand the workplace environment
  • Make a positive impression
  • Hone methods of appropriate communication (verbal, non-verbal and written)
  • Aquire an understanding of industry knowledge and the structure of organisations
  • Prepare for an internship or work experience placement 
  • Develop key employability skills such as time keeping, leaderhip, initiative, organisation, responsibility and netorkwing
  • Exercise professionalism in the workplace
  • Cultivate a consistent and tenacious work ethic
  • Plan for a future career
  • Utilise social media in the workplace

In order to gain a place on this year’s Fast Track programme, applicants from all three sites were interviewed by the College’s senior management team. On the first day of the training session, participants met at Christ the King College to take part in a variety of skills based workshops. The first of these was run by Michael Barrington-Hibbert, who is Chief Executive Officer of Barrington Hibbert Associates, one of the industry’s preeminent firms in recruiting senior and middle management positions. After analysing the students’ CVs, Mr Barrington-Hibbert and his colleagues provided invaluable feedback on how to make a lasting, positive impression in an interview and advised students on the most appropriate communication methods for this type of exchange.

The second set of workshops, which focussed on pragmatism and diplomacy, divided the students into three sub-groups and tasked them with building their own country. Each group had to work together effectively in order to devise a financial, social and political infrastructure for their country, and at the end of the workshop the students were encouraged to present their ideas in a clear and detailed fashion.

Working alongside Michael and his colleagues has been an amazing experience, it just goes to show that your background doesn't necessarily define you and that with hard work, perseverance, and humility there’s no doubt you can achieve your goals.

The second day of the training programme was split between Christ the King College and Nomura Bank in central London. Throughout the course of the morning, students took part in group sessions which focussed on writing and amending CVs and covering letters. In preparation for the afternoon session at Nomura Bank, students were then tasked with researching Malcolm Horton, the Global Head of Recruitment and Programmes at the bank, whom they would conduct a Q&A session. Nomura Holdings, Inc. is a Japanese financial holding company, and a principal member of the Nomura Group. The company provides investment, financing and related services to individual, institutional and government customers on a global basis with an emphasis on securities businesses.

Whilst at Nomura, the students enjoyed a fascinating talk from Malcolm Horton, whose personal success inspired and motivated them. As part of his talk, Mr Horton provided an insightful first-hand account of his experiences in the banking industry as well as a wealth of advice on how to succeed in this particular field of employment. To conclude his talk, Mr Horton hosted a question and answer session, which gave students the opportunity to enhance their understanding of the banking sector and corporate employment progression.

If you ever get a chance to go on the CTK Fast Track Programme in the future, definitely do not turn it down, as it is a real experience for those wanting to push themselves forward into the world of work.

To close the afternoon, the undergraduate recruitment team from Nomura joined with Christ the King students for a final CV review session. Their input and advice was truly invaluable, and students left the Nomura offices feeling well prepared for the future.

The college would like to extend its sincere thanks to Michael Barrington-Hibbert, Malcolm Horton and their respective teams for making the first year of the Fast Track Programme so memorable and enjoyable. The experience has left a lasting impression on those who participated, and has equipped them with the knowledge, confidence and skills necessary to succeed in their future applications.  

Below are some student reflections on the 2015 Fast Track Programme:

“Part of the training involved looking at CV building, how you’d approach an interview and essentially working effectively in a team. Ultimately, the experience has taught me the dos and don’ts of a CV, how to network and communicate in a formal scenario and it has given me a real insight into investment banking and the types of transitions that take place. Working alongside Michael and his colleagues has been an amazing experience, it just goes to show that your background doesn't necessarily define you and that with hard work, perseverance, and humility there’s no doubt you can achieve your goals.

Malcom mentioned a quote that really stuck with me in his presentation, it was “Your career is a marathon, not a sprint” so by making the little steps now, it can really help shape and mould your future career.”

Chantelle Brown, Christ the King Lewisham

“I received invaluable advice and insight from professionals about what employers are looking for and also the great range of opportunities there are for graduates. Honestly, I think everyone should take part in something like this because it provides first-hand experience of what working in the corporate field is like. You might find it is something you do want to do, or something you don't want to do but either way it helps you to see what would suit you as individual.”

Daniel Oshinyemi, Christ the King Lewisham

“It was great to see everyone really engaging in the activities in our group task and being able to verbally communicate the apparent skills we gained through those activities. I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to challenge and better themselves in terms of getting ready for and being in the work environment.”

Safi Koffi, Christ the King: St Mary’s

"Overall, I feel that this programme was a great success to me as an individual, as I got to work with some good friends from my college site, but also got to work with colleagues from both Lewisham and Aquinas. We had a special guest in to lead the whole event - Michael Barrington-Hibbert of Barrington-Hibbert associates, who was a really relatable guest and was a motivation throughout. He was a great asset and had a lot to offer in terms of how we as individuals could work towards excelling in interviews and CVs alike.

I've learnt as a result what works best in an interview - such as good eye contact, good communication skills (verbal and non-verbal), team work, how to write a good CV, the types of questions that could be asked and more. If you ever get a chance to go on the CTK Fast Track Programme in the future, definitely do not turn it down, as it is a real experience for those wanting to push themselves forward into the world of work.”

Christopher Nguyen, Christ the King: St Mary’s

“When I first started the fast track programme, I didn't know what to expect and I was nervous as to what we were going to be doing. One thing I enjoyed was going to Nomura, I've never been to an investment bank cooperation and I was very ecstatic to be given the opportunity to meet Malcolm Horton. One thing I learnt was how to write an effective CV and the most effective ways to tackle an interview. Not many schools do this sort of programme, and it was very useful in terms of going into the corporate world. I will definitely recommend this to someone who shows the drive and capability, it's very useful and informative, and will help you become a better applicant when going into the corporate world.”

Archibald Forster, Christ the King: Aquinas