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Posted on 20th Dec 2018 Back to News

My Start Studying at the University of Leicester

My name is Emmanuel and I am now studying Financial Economics at the University of Leicester.

As a former student of Christ the King Sixth Form, St Mary's, where I studied A Level Mathematics, Economics and Biology and graduated in 2018 with 'A,B,B,' I developed a keen interest in analysing and understanding how the world of business works.

Although challenging, I have found the beginning of my university experience both exciting and interesting. My introductory sessions, where I met my lecturers, tutors and class members for my course were really enjoyable. During my first lecture, it was at that moment that I realised I am a now a University of Leicester student.  

I have also found the time to join the university football club and the African and Caribbean Society (ACS). I joined ACS because I wanted to embrace the many cultures of Africa and the Caribbean. I am certain that I will join many more clubs in order to have the opportunity to meet new people and learn new ideas.

I am very grateful to be a part of the Metric Capital Scholarship programme in which I will be awarded £15,000 for the duration of my studies. This opportunity provided by the firm’s managing partner, John Sinik, with the support of Christ the King has helped reduced the financial burden of attending university and has enabled me to focus on my studies in order to fulfil my potential.