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Posted on 22nd Nov 2017 Back to News

2020 Change Foundation UK visit CTK

Duro Oye and Karl Hart from 2020 Change Foundation UK recently visited CTK: Emmanuel and spoke to our students.

As the name of the organisation suggests, their mission statement is to help young people have a 20/20 vision of their future and to encourage them to unlock their potential. Duro, co/founder of the organisation, strongly believes that today’s youth have the potential to become tomorrow’s leading entrepreneurs and that all they need is someone to guide them in how to use their current and past experiences as transferable skills. He now wants to inspire young people the same way he would have liked someone to encourage him during his own adolescence.

Duro and Karl interacted with the students, giving a taster session of their flagship programme ‘Goldmine’. They had the students debate on what success means to them and introduced what they believe the four pillars that can lead to change and success which are: self-awareness, vision, dignity and persistence.

They also encouraged students not to be afraid of failure stating: “You only really fail when you give up”

Visit 2020 Change Foundation's website here: