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Posted on 12th Oct 2017 Back to News

International Charity ‘Street Child’ talks to Christ the King students

This week Christ the King welcomed Street Child to each of its three sites for representatives to give a series of talks to our students about the valuable help it gives in Sierra Leone and other countries.

Street Child is a UK based charity which was founded in 2008 by Tom Dannatt. Its stated mission is to reduce the number of children living on the streets by reuniting them with their families and putting them in long-term education.

SC1Lucy James explained how Street Child began their work in Sierra Leone in 2008 by working with a small number of street children. Nine years later they have helped to transform the lives of more than 60,000 children across some of the world’s poorest countries including Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nepal. In 2016 they launched their first project in Nigeria helping children impacted by conflict in the North East of the country to access education. 

Lucy started at Street Child as a data collector volunteer and is now co-ordinator for their ‘running and challenge’ events and community fundraising programmes.

In her talk, she focused on the role Street Child plays in collaboration with national governments and local institutions, empowering children and families' lives through education.

Lucy introduced our students to the International volunteering opportunities in Asia and Africa within Street Child, running from a minimum of 2 weeks up to 3 months, and the chance to be involved in different projects related to education. Students enjoyed the talk and some of them showed real interest in volunteering experiences at Street Child

You can visit Street Child's website here: