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Posted on 26th Sep 2017 Back to News

Modern Foreign Languages Outward Bound Canada Trip

This year the Modern Foreign Languages department had the fantastic opportunity to send one of their students to a once in a lifetime 21-day Outward Bound trip in Canada, fully funded by Stuart Horne Bursary.

DylanThe MFL candidates took part in a competition where they had to research and write a minimum 600 word essay/presentation booklet on a region located in a country (linked to their language studies). Their research had to be thorough and include geographical, cultural and political data as well as pictures/graphs and images.

The lucky winner was Dylan Arango who chose to do a project on Colombia – where his family originates from. After being shortlisted, he presented his research to a panel of CTK judges who voted him winner of the competition

Dylan is a dedicated student who has worked hard during his first year at Christ the King. He studies BTEC Engineering and Spanish A level. His enthusiasm for education and learning is commendable. Dylan is sporty and likes spending time outdoors. He was the perfect candidate for the Outward Bound Canada trip and was looking forward to visiting Canada, exploring the country and being challenged by the sense of adventure this trip would bring. He dreamt of such experiences but never had the opportunity to participate in them before. Although he knew how hard this adventure could be, he was delighted and ready to embrace this opportunity.

“On the trip, I went to so many lovely places. My favourite of all was Boar’s Head beach in the Kabercanasis Lake. We stayed a good three days and four nights and every night was special. We had an amazing view of the stars there and even hiking up the Bay of Fundy was a dream in itself as the land was never the same, it always changed and that’s what kept me wanting for more.

 There were multiple times that I wanted to give up or snap, being fatigued and still having to travel 9km in a day and then another 7km the next was frustrating. Even communication or group atmosphere proved to be tense at times and it was a little unsettling. But then, speaking about what was wrong instead of allowing it to eat everyone up was great, as it allowed us to carry on the trip being happy and motivated to do more.

I feel more capable of doing things that people may find close to difficult and impossible.”

Dylan Arango

A Flickr album of the trip can be found here

The Stuart Horne Bursary has a mission to provide economic assistance and an array of educational, adventurous, and transformational experiences across Canada to teenagers and young adults from the UK who may never have before had either the option or the chance to participate in such an amazing opportunity. The Stuart Horne Bursary seeks to support youth by providing and funding scholarships to universities, schools and outdoor leadership programs.