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Posted on 19th Sep 2017 Back to News

CTK launches annual External Speaker Programme


Almost 100 history and politics students from Christ the King Sixth Form College had the opportunity to quiz local MP Heidi Alexander when she visited CTK: Emmanuel to launch its annual External Speaker Programme.

Heidi Alexander has been the Member of Parliament for Lewisham East since the 2010 general. She was appointed Shadow Secretary of State for Health on 13th September 2015 but resigned on 26th June 2016.

H1Simon Spearman, Principal of CTK: Emmanuel, where the visit took place, said:

 Heidi Alexander has got our External Speaker Programme off to a brilliant start. She is one of a number of high-profile visitors from the worlds of politics, academia and industry who will be coming into our colleges over the next few months.

Our students gain an enormous amount from hearing inspirational, high-achieving individuals from public life share their life experiences with them.

It underlines the message we give them from day one – that they can achieve anything they want. There should be no limit to young people’s ambitions, whatever their background or the obstacles they may face.’

Heidi told students that she was a passionate campaigner on issues such as healthcare and equality of opportunity. Mirroring what Mr Spearman said, she stated that:

 I believe everyone should be given an equal chance in life, irrespective of where they are born, who their parents are or the colour of their skin.’ Students challenged Heidi on a wide variety of topics including Brexit, student tuition fees and immigration.

I found the talk very informative and interesting as it gave a more personal insight into how Heidi Alexander became an MP and her experiences as an MP. She spoke about how she came from humble beginnings and made it all the way to Parliament which is an inspiring story despite the lack of equality that she also spoke about. Along with the story of her past she also gave some of her views on current issues such as Brexit and the trident missile program. With Politics it can be easy to think about it as simply being about the leaders of the parties, however with this talk it provided a different perspective as someone that works within the larger machine describing how the system works but also the effects it has on the personal life on an MP as well.

Ben Hogan