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Posted on 15th May 2017 Back to News

Language students taking part in Euroscola and visiting the European Parliament in Strasbourg (France)

Language students were delighted to take part in the Euroscola competition organised by Lewisham Council. They worked hard and produced excellent research works on European study program, Erasmus and on European issues such as immigration policies.



Despite Brexit well on the way and Theresa May triggering article 50 on 29th March, CTK language students travelled to Strasbourg and took part in Euroscola on 30th March, a unique event organised by the European Parliament.


We are extremely proud of our students who despite being challenged by the Brexit situation, voiced their opinion as Members of the European Parliament for a day. They took the floor in plenary and committee sessions and dealt with tough questioning on the current talks between UK and EU, they debated and expressed their views in a very diplomatic and professional manner.


Finally, the students practiced their language skills and made friends with fellow students from across Europe.


They have proved that young people believe in a future where relations between different countries are essential, this view was also shared by many others, present in Strasbourg.


“The Euroscola trip in Strasbourg, France was an exhilarating experience. The opportunity to have spent a day in the European parliament was truly appreciated as I learnt a lot about the structure and the way it functions.” Aissatou, Y12 French student.


“My experience at the Euroscola was educative and fun at the same time.The visit to the Parliament was of course  the tip of the iceberg. It was an honour for me to sit and be part of the experience that the European politicians  take part in on a daily basis, words cannot ex[press how excited I was on that day. The main topic of that day was  "Article 50" , we were on everyone's tongue, but yet  we felt very welcomed and wanted  that day.” Abder , Y13 French student.