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Posted on 29th Mar 2017 Back to News

French Students Trip to Belgium

Earlier this year, French students took part in a trip to Belgium. The trip aimed to broaden the student’s knowledge of Belgium and support them in the study of their Cultural topic.

Cultural topics are integral to the A Level Language courses at Christ the King College as they encourage students to explore the histories and societies linked to the language they are studying.

This year one of the Cultural topics was Hergé, the creator of Tintin and Belgian cartoonist and the residential trip to Belgium allowed the students to put their learning in context by visiting Bruxelles as well as a dedicated museum on the artist.


The students visited the main point of interests in the capital city, Bruxelles. They also discover the city through the eyes of a comic fan by criss-crossing streets admiring comic painted walls by Hergé and other influential Belgian and European artists.

The following day, the students visited the Hergé museum in Louvain-la-Neuve. The museum offers a comprehensive perspective via thousands of sources from and related to the work of Hergé. The students had the opportunity to see 80 original plates, and 800 photographs, documents and objects related to the life of the artist.

The students also enjoyed strolling around the local market and trying the various Belgian delicacies

The trip to Brussels was very enjoyable. It enabled me to learn more about Belgian Culture and about the Belgian comic industry

fellow student Aissatou said of the trip.

I think it was a very good experience because we go to know more about Hergé and about the Belgian culture. It made us realise where Hergé's inspiration is from and how he wisely used it to become the big illustrator he is today.  It also helped to consolidate relations within the class.

fellow student Abder commented.

The Belgium trip was such an amazing experience, we learnt a lot about Belgium culture and how is very diverse. Moreover, taking part on few activities created a greater understanding on Hergé. Lastly, we did enjoy ourselves! Where the hotel was located was beautiful so we got the chance to visit the town and buy some souvenirs.

fellow student Melissante reflected.