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Posted on 20th Mar 2017 Back to News

Christ the King's "Game of Careers" Conference 2017

The Careers Conference at Christ the King Sixth Form College has gone from strength to strength in recent years. The cross-site event comprises a variety of university and career based talks as well as a large-scale exhibition. The day provides a fantastic opportunity for our students to start thinking about the future and to explore their options post-18. For the second time since starting the annual Careers Conference, a separate Level 1 & 2 Careers Conference was held at CTK Aquinas to offer specific support to students studying a BTEC Level 1 or 2 course.

CTK Conference (1)


Students prepare for the conference by pre-booking their places at the talks and individual timetables are created, including a visit to the exhibition, thus ensuring the time spent at the Conference is focussed and productive.


Over 80 external organisations supported the Conference by exhibiting and providing speakers for the talks.  Many of the participants were returning, having attended the event in previous years.  100% of respondents felt that students were well-behaved whilst demonstrating a high level of interest.  Exhibitors spoke highly of the event:


“Very well organised.”


“A great event at which I have been well looked after.”


“A higher level of interest from students compared to other events.  Impressed that students had structure for the event.  Good attendance.”


The programme of talks included sessions on a wide range of careers from Medicine and the NHS to entrepreneurship, journalism, engineering, banking and many more.


The speakers who had addressed students were asked for their views on the Conference.  One speaker felt the students had shown “good curiosity.”  Others said they were:  “highly engaged students!” and they were “asking plenty of good questions.”


Students enjoyed the Conference saying:


“Today’s Conference has given me a lot of information on how I can achieve my career goals. My journey starts today.”

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