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Posted on 17th Mar 2017 Back to News

David Giampaolo's Inspirational Talk to CTK Students

David Giampaolo came today to Christ the King: Lewisham and spoke inspirationally to over 120 students from across our three sites on how they could achieve both their life and career goals.  David came as a part of the “Bridging the Gap” Campaign and Talk Series, which is being run by ‘Speakers for Schools’.  These talks are aimed at encouraging students to achieve their ambitions.

DG Talk

The chief executive of Pi Capital, a London-based investor club, David is also a noted entrepreneur in the global health and fitness sector.  He has co-founded or served on the board of several large businesses, including Fitness First, 24 Hour Fitness, Zumba and GlobalFit.

David explained his journey to students; from mowing lawns at the age of 14 and using the proceeds earned to open his first gym at 16.  He stressed that you do not need capital to start your own business and in the health industry the most important quality is a person’s personality.

David spoke at length about the journey of life being a learning experience for everyone. His advice to students was that a strong work ethic, coupled with resilience, confidence, self-belief as well as kindness was what he looked most for in himself and others.

After the talk David said “It was great to meet the students.  I left feeling super inspired and they should feel really proud of the atmosphere they created.”

David’s talk mirrored our college character education programme, The CTK Graces, which helps our students to develop the traits and attributes of grit, respect, assurance, curiosity, endeavour and self-control so that they have the qualities they need to be discerning and to thrive in the highly competitive world that awaits them.

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