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A Level

"Physics is a very interesting subject with endless topics of study. It not only improves your knowledge of how the world works but also trains your brain to approach problems logically."

What will I study?

Physics is the study of matter and energy and how they interact with each other. It deals with matter on scales ranging from sub-atomic particles to stars and even entire galaxies. Some of the ideas explored at GCSE will be taken further and new concepts will be introduced including quarks, quantum physics and cosmology. Practical work is embedded throughout the course, and areas of study include:

  • Mechanics and the Properties of Materials
  • Oscillations, Waves and the Nature of Light
  • Fields, Particle Physics and Current Electricity
  • Thermal Physics, Nuclear Instability, Astronomy and Cosmology

What do I need to study this course?

GCSE Physics or Double Science at (Grade 9-6) together with GCSE Maths (Grade 9-6). The study of A Level Maths in combination with A Level Physics is essential.

How will I be assessed?

Students will be assessed by written examination at the end of the two year course. Should students meet the criteria as set by the exam board then students will also receive a practical endorsement for their competency in the lab.

Where will A Level Physics lead me?

A Level Physics students have gone on to pursue a wide range of careers in Academic Science, Engineering, Medicine, Finance and Economics. The numerical and practical aspects of the course support a diverse range of career paths.