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Media Studies

A Level

"What I really like about media is the creative part of the course - using cameras and software to create different products for our coursework. In the first year, I created a front cover, double spread and contents page for my own music magazine, and this year I am working on my own film trailer. It's great fun!"

What will I study?

Media Studies is a popular, modern, exciting and innovative course, combining theoretical knowledge with practical skills. Students are encouraged to engage, challenge and explore the ways in which media texts have been produced, circulated, consumed and interpreted. A strong emphasis is placed on research and independent learning.

There are three components to the Media Studies A Level:

Component 1 is Media Products, Industries and Audiences. Students will learn to analyse media language and representation in relation to two media forms from a selection of advertising, marketing, music video and newspapers. Students will investigate and develop an understanding of media industries and audiences.

Component 2 focuses on the above concepts in greater contextual and theoretical detail, addressing Television in the Global Age, Mainstream and Alternative Magazines, and Media in the Online Age.

Component 3 is a practical coursework production of a cross-media campaign. 

What do I need to study this course?

GCSE English (Grade 9-5).

How will I be assessed?

Assessment is through two written examinations, each worth 35% of the final qualification. The exams are 2 hours 15 minutes and 2 hours 30 minutes respectively. The remaining 30% is assessed through practical production coursework. Students will keep a blog to record the process of researching, planning and constructing their products.

Where will A Level Media Studies lead me?

This is an excellent course to study if you are interested in a career in all areas of the Media, Sound and Video Production, Marketing and Advertising, Computer Gaming and other new media, and for Journalism. The course also prepares students for any career which requires independence of mind, highly developed communication skills, and where an ability to work to deadlines is essential.