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A Level

"Biology opens your eyes up to a hidden world. It is fascinating!"

What will I study?

The A Level Biology course builds on GCSE knowledge and broadens student understanding of the concepts involved. This exciting and intellectually stimulating course is ideal for anyone interested in the Natural World, as well as our place within it.

The course comprises six modules:

  • Development of Practical Skills
  • Foundations in Biology
  • Exchange and Transport
  • Biodiversity Evolution and Disease
  • Communication and Homeostasis
  • Genetics, Evolution and Ecosystems

The Practical Skills module consists of a minimum of 12 practicals throughout the course. We will use these to assess your skill level in a variety of techniques. This module does not contribute to your final grade but you will receive a pass or fail grading.

What do I need to study this course?

GCSE Biology (Grade 9-6) and one other Science subject (Grade 9-6) or GCSE Double Science (Grade 9-6). In addition, GCSE Mathematics (Grade 9-5) is also required.

How will I be assessed?

Assessment will be by examination at the end of the course. The types of question will be varied and will include multiple choice, practical skills and long response questions. The assessment of practical work in Biology will not contribute to the final A Level grade but will be reported separately in a certificate of endorsement.

Where will A Level Biology lead me?

Biology complements a number of other subjects including Chemistry, Psychology, Geography and PE and is useful for students wishing to pursue careers in research, medical and healthcare professions, environmental work and sports science.