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Christ the King Sixth Form College

Dress Code

All students are required to dress smartly for college.  This is intended to support students in making appropriate choices as they prepare for work or the next stage of their education journey.  This does not, however, mean that suits or business clothing needs to be worn, but the following items are NOT permitted:

  • Jeans, jegging or leggings
  • Torn or ripped clothing
  • Skirts worn above the knee (unless tights are also worn)
  • Sportswear and track suits (BTEC Sports students are provided with a college approved tracksuit)
  • Hoodies
  • Clothing with large slogans or logos
  • Clothing that exposes the midriff or bare shoulders
  • Trainers (other than plain black)
  • Trousers worn low enough to expose undergarments

The above list is not intended to be exhaustive but seeks to provide clarity regarding what students should not wear to college.

If you have any questions regarding the operation/content of our dress code, please do not hesitate to contact the college on:

            Aquinas           020 7358 2400

            Emmanuel       020 8297 9433

            St Mary’s         020 8309 4760

If you would like any clarification on what is or is not allowed to be worn as part of the dress code, you should speak with the tutor, Head of Hall or Head of Pastoral.