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Business Partnerships

The Employer Engagement department at Christ the King has helped forge partnerships between employers and young people from across London for many years.

Run by experienced business professionals, the programme of lectures, events and internships has provided hundreds of students with opportunities to work in some of the most sought-after companies and organisations in the capital. These opportunities allow our students to make contacts and to develop the skills they will need in their chosen field.

Working in a professional environment promotes innovation and a spirit of enterprise in youth - just the type of qualities that British business leaders are looking for. It also gives students confidence in their own abilities, extends learning beyond the classroom and improves work-related skills. For employers, working with young people helps to motivate staff and builds a reputation for leadership in the local community.

Building Enduring Partnerships 

Although the needs of students are our primary focus we are committed to making these partnerships mutually beneficial. Each year we organise a number of events which are a great opportunity for both our students and our employer partners to network. We advertise employer partners on our website and are happy to help with their marketing, either by writing press releases or providing publicity photographs. Employer profiles will also be featured in our upcoming"Engaging Experiences" newsletter.

We are keen to address the needs of employers and to consider how we can match students to these needs. Could a student help prepare for an event? Organise documents? Provide extra help during the holidays? A placement student can undertake projects that other employees may not have time to carry out.

A company's success is no longer judged solely on its financial performance, but also on how well it supports and respects the interests of the community at large. Providing young people with opportunities can help employers to meet their Corporate Social Responsibility targets, which have becoming increasingly important to customers and other stakeholders.

Inspiring Tomorrow's Business Leaders

In contrast to the popular characterisation of young people as lethargic and undependable, past employers have found that CTK students were an invaluable addition to their team. In our experience they are very keen to gain experience in a professional environment and are happy to "muck in" with whatever needs to be done. However, they have also been responsible for helping to achieve mission critical tasks like building a Content Management System and organising hundreds of documents. Young people tend to bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm to their work. And, keen to gain the skills and experience that will prepare them for exciting careers, many are willing to start "from the ground up".

Employers themselves have a lot to gain by giving young people a chance to use their talents as they can be a great source of inspiration and fresh ideas. For businesses looking to attract young customers, or considering how to use social networking for marketing purposes, a placement student can provide an invaluable perspective and relevant expertise.

As Christ the King has been highly praised by Ofsted, we attract a high calibre of students. Employers have described our students as "bright", "impressive" and "fantastic". Many are multi-lingual and, although a large proportion come from disadvantaged backgrounds, about 90% progress to Higher Education. Intelligent and hard-working, many former students have gone on to forge impressive careers for themselves and could accurately be described as the "leaders of tomorrow".

However, it is well documented that the financial services industry, in particular, remains quite exclusive. Women and Britons from émigré families, especially, are dramatically under-represented and in their efforts to secure positions that recognise their skills and experience they continue to face incredible obstacles. Given these considerations it is more important than ever for employers to do their part to provide deserving young people with the chance to develop their talents.

Moving Forward

The College takes advantage of its capital location by nurturing relationships both with industry leaders and representatives from charities and public sector organisations from across London. The department runs a number of programmes which cater to the needs of different organisations. For example, we regularly, hold "Guru Lectures" where students discuss the issues of the day with insiders from a variety of commercial backgrounds. This allows business leaders to directly affect the kind of training they receive, helping them to become the kind of skilled, knowledgeable employees that are incredibly valuable to employers.

The dramatic events of the past year suggest that the financiers of the future will need to be able to consider their role, and the impact of their work, in a wider context. The College's E-Mentoring programme offers employers a unique opportunity to influence the next generation of business leaders by providing them with valuable information, advice and guidance. Mentoring, which is now easier than ever to arrange, has the added benefit of providing employees with a chance to develop managerial skills. Business partners and students needn't meet face-to-face as they communicate over a secure network.

We are always looking to expand the Employer Engagement programme and to develop new partnerships with the local community.

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