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Christ the King Sixth Form College

Leadership Development

The College is committed to ‘growing its own’ leaders wherever possible. We seek to identify leadership skills from an early stage in a teacher’s career and provide a number of rigorous training programmes to help them develop further.

Cross College Leadership and Management Development Programme

The course takes place over three terms and includes a residential stay. Participants reflect on their own development, and diagnostics, including 360° appraisal, inform their progress. Each member of staff works with a mentor from the College-wide senior leadership team and undertakes a significant action research project focusing on quality improvement.  For more on this, see our Research page. 

The College also runs a number of internal programmes to support staff across a range of specific leadership roles:

Curriculum Directors

The focus is the collaborative and strategic requirements for developing curriculum, managing teams and driving standards across the colleges.

Heads of Hall

How to manage of a team of tutors and a considerable volume of students, many with considerable disadvantage and vulnerability. The programme explores monitoring and progression, communication with parents, guardians and external agencies, management of the vulnerable students register and issues of safeguarding.

Course Co-ordinators

Seeks to establish expectations and ways of working with staff and students to ensure outstanding practice at all levels, in teaching and learning, in support for students in ensuring outstanding progress, and in management of the course.  It also seeks to engage staff in their own professional learning and establish strong dialogue with others. 


The Leadership Programme gave me both the space and the guidance needed to develop my skills in leadership.
Alison Murphy, Director of Curriculum

The course allowed me the time and space to reflect upon my own leadership style and to develop this with like-minded colleagues.
Deirdre Kearney, Head of Science

A great opportunity to reflect on my leadership role and values and build self-awareness, strategic understanding and confidence. Also, a great opportunity to do some academic research and form professional relationships across the college.
Michael O’Hanlon, Director of Curriculm

The leadership programme at CTK has helped to build my confidence as a leader and has encouraged me to develop my own personal leadership style. The programme has allowed me to practise the skills of outstanding leadership in a supportive environment while providing opportunities to learn from fellow practitioners.

Kate Tapper, Head of Psychology