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Christ the King Sixth Form College

Why a Sixth-Form College?

When you ask members of staff at Christ the King why they choose to work at a sixth-form college, you receive a range of answers.

Many say they enjoy the opportunity to teach the subject they love to young people who have chosen to study it rather than simply ‘doing’ it at GCSE because that is what timetabling options dictated.

Others particularly enjoy the challenges and rewards of working with teenagers making the sometimes difficult transition from school to a more adult, autonomous life at college where they must start to grapple with big decisions about their lives beyond education. Young people need support, structure and encouragement, and at Christ the King we ensure it is provided to every one of our students.

Some of those considering an appointment to a sixth form college fear that once they’ve joined the sector, there’s no way back. But this is far from the truth. At Christ the King, we have staff who have moved to us from schools, while there are others who have chosen to return there at a later stage in their careers.

There is far more fluidity between the sectors than some imagine. And experience gained at a high-performing, long-established sixth form college is highly prized in the schools sector.


Working in a post-16 institution such as Christ the King provides the opportunity to teach in an environment where students are challenged to excel academically at an incredibly pivotal stage of adolescence. Not only is it greatly gratifying to facilitate this academic success, but even more rewarding to witness and support students in developing their self-confidence and in discovering aspirations for their future progression.
Paula Amony , Leadership and Head of Hall Training