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Christ the King Sixth Form College

The Governing Body

Who runs Christ the King Sixth Form College? Quite clearly, it is the Principal and the senior staff.

Who owns Christ the King? It is the Diocese of Southwark who owns the land and buildings but the College is a free-standing institution set up by the Catholic Church and responsible for its own affairs. Like all free-standing institutions, it has its own government, the Governing Body. The Governing Body is formally incorporated under the Further & Higher Education Act 1992 and the highest level of its constitution is the Instrument & Articles of Government (2015).

Membership of the Governing Body

The Church selects the Foundation Governors who are always in a majority, and lays down, in its foundation documents, what kind of College it is to be in order to ensure its Catholic mission and ethos at the core of the institutions work.

Other stakeholders make an impact through representation on the Governing Body – including Governors elected by staff, students and parents. The Governing Body appoints members who are able to express their viewpoint, and inform the Governing Body as a whole, but they are not delegates. Finally, the Governing Body co-opts a small number of members who bring necessary skills or experience that other members may not have to offer.

The Principal is automatically a member of the Governing Body. The Principal is also accountable to the Governing Body.

All Governors take on membership of a committee/s; Audit, Finance & Resources, Quality & Curriculum and Search & Governance.

The Clerk, and other members of the College staff, also attends meetings as requested by the Chair of the Governing Body, or its Committees.


Foundation Governors who form the Governing Body:

Dr Rupert Evenett (Chair of the Governing Body)

Monsignor Nicholas Rothon (Vice Chair of the Governing Body)

Mr Rob McAuliffe (Ex-officio Governor)

Mrs Shireen Razey (Ex-officio Governor)

Miss Marlene Burt

Mrs Tricia Gilpin

Mrs Sue Gyde

Miss Sally Mellish

Mrs Nicola Simpson

Mrs Hazel Wilkinson 

Co-opted Governors:

  Mr Andrew Lantry

Mr Jason Ochere 

  Staff Governors:

Mr Nick Bush

 Miss Stephanie Orlowski

Parent Governor:


Student Governor:

Mr Matthew Miller

The Governing Body is formed of Governors who are from wide and varied backgrounds and, because of this, contribute a broad range of skills and experience. Governors have an interest in education and may also have experience of the world of business and commerce.  The Governing Body receive training and receive updates regarding changes that impact on the running of the college and the learner experience.

What does the Governing Body do?

  • The Governing Body is responsible for:
  • Driving forward the educational character of the College
  • Maintaining the quality of the curriculum delivery and all supporting services
  • The stewardship of resources
  • The selection, appointment and employment of the Principal, senior staff, and the Clerk to the  Board of Governors
  • Overseeing the employment framework for other staff
  • The policy for the admission of students

To maintain quality service provision, all data and information is scrutinised at both Committee and Board level.  The Governing Body meets at least four times on an annual basis and   committee meetings are also held on a regular basis. 

The views of staff and students, in conjunction with the wider community, are vital to shaping the direction of the College. Student, staff and parent members of the Governing Body play a full part in the work of the Governing Body and this includes the oversight of its activities, the review of the educational character, mission, values and priorities of the College. 

The results of all consultations on the educational character, the mission of the College and the oversight of its activities are analysed by the Senior Management Team and the Governing Body.  This informs the strategic direction of the College.

Regular consultations take place with staff through staff meetings and meetings of the Joint Consultative Committee.  Methods for obtaining the views of students are set out in the College’s Learner Involvement Strategy.

This includes feedback from the Student Councils and other student groups along with written surveys of student opinion.

Consultation procedures, to ensure a range of views is obtained, are kept under regular review to ensure they are fully accessible and meet the needs of staff, the students and the Governing Body.


In accordance with the Instrument & Articles of Government, minutes of all Governing Body meetings (with the exception of those minutes declared ‘confidential’) once approved, and signed as an accurate record of the meeting, are published on the College’s website for a minimum period of twelve months.

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