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Professional Graduate Programme (PGP)

Which students enrol on this programme?

This programme is specifically designed for students who are enrolled on BTEC Level 3 Diploma courses. 

What is the main focus of the programme?

The overall focus for this BTEC Level 3 programme is to contextualise and broaden learning. This is a specialist programme which gives students studying BTEC Extended Diploma courses the chance to experience a range of additional professional opportunities to enhance their core learning. Each Professional Graduate Programme is tailored to meet the needs of the individual BTEC course; ensuring skills and opportunities are directly related and essential for the area of work being studied.

The programme provides for:

  • 13.5 hours of BTEC Level 3 study and targeted workshops.
  • Bespoke and targeted subject related activities.
  • Targeted support in the L6 year in order to facilitate transition from Level 2 to Level 3 study
  • Bespoke progression and careers programme to help students to make the best progression possible to university or work.
  • Scaffolding in their learning in order to facilitate the development of their research and thinking skills.

The Progressional Graduate Programme by subject:

Professional Graduate Programme (Business)

The Professional Graduate Programme in Business provides students with the opportunity to explore and learn more about the workings of the business world. On this Graduate Programme students have the opportunity to gain additional qualifications such as the Young Enterprise Entrepreneur and Institute of Financial Service Management certificate.

Professional Graduate Programme (Health and Social Care)

The Professional Graduate Programme in Health and Social Care helps to ensure that students have the opportunity to gain additional work related qualifications that are important in their field of employment. These include a certificate in First Aid for Child careers, which is externally certified, as well as a Safeguarding qualification and the opportunity to attend master classes delivered by professionals in their field.

Professional Graduate Programme (Media)

The Professional Graduate Programme in Media is designed to ensure students have a competitive edge when applying for employment or higher education. Whilst employment in the Media sector has grown at double the rate of the economy as a whole, gaining employment in the industry can be very competitive. Students have the opportunity to gain a range of industry experience which includes attending a two day course at a local university where students are able to use a TV studio and learn all aspects of filmmaking.

Professional Graduate Programme (Engineering)

The Professional Graduate Programme in Engineering provides students with a wide range of opportunities that go beyond the requirements of BTEC programmes alone, and support students in their development as engineers. Master classes and demonstrations by experts take place throughout the programme, and students benefit from excellent links with industry and professional associations. Students also undertake an industry recognised Health and Safety qualification.  

Professional Graduate Programme (Sports)

The Professional Graduate Programme for Sports provides students with opportunities to achieve a range of additional qualifications including Level 2 Gym Instructor, Coaching Certificates and First Aid certification. Students on the programme are mentored by professional sports people in similar careers to those they aspire to. Students can become mentors themselves, which develops leadership skills and provides valuable experience for UCAS and employment applications.  

Professional Graduate Programme (Science)

The Professional Graduate Programme for Science gives students the opportunity to achieve an additional qualification which is of relevance to employment in the science profession, including First Aid Certification and Workplace Hazards. Students also attend master classes at universities as well as attend guru lectures.