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Christ the King Sixth Form College

Personnel Committee

Personnel Committee was disbanded in September 2013 and it's responsibilities transferred to the Finance & Committee, and to the Quality & Curricum Committee
  • Receives reports on all aspects of recruitment, salaries and training of staff at the College (excluding the Principal, Senior Postholders and Clerk).
  • Advises the Governing Body on arrangements for the appointment of the Principal, Senior Postholders and the Clerk.
  • Reviews all policies relating to staff and students at the College and makes recommendation to the Governing Body where alterations are felt to be necessary.
  • Reviews the College's Health & Safety Policy and arrangements for its implementation.


Agendas and Minutes of Meetings

View our agenda and minutes documents in Adobe PDF format:


Agenda for 06/06/2013 (Personnel)

Agenda for 31/01/2013 (Personnel)

Agenda for 08/11/2012 (Personnel)

Agenda for 31/05/2012 (Personnel)

Agenda for 26/01/2012 (Personnel)

Agenda for 03/11/2011 (Personnel)


Minutes for 06/06/2013 (Personnel)

Minutes for 31/01/2013 (Personnel)

Minutes for 08/11/2012 (Personnel)

Minutes for 31/05/2012 (Personnel)

Minutes for 26/01/2012 (Personnel)

Minutes for 03/11/2011 (Personnel)