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Christ the King Sixth Form College

Quality & Curriculum Committee

Following the disbanding of the Personnel Committee in September 2013 this committee was allocated some responsibilities previously undertaken by the Personnel Committee:
  • Review the College's curriculum and its adequacy to meet the demands both actual and anticipated of the students.
  • Ensures appropriate arrangements are in place to produce the annual college self-assessment report
  • Validates the grading process of department / service areas
  • Monitors progress against Quality targets
  • Ensures internal and external practice in Teaching and Learning is shared across the College
  • Advises the Governing Body on staff development issues and determines policies on staff development
  • Monitors and advises the Governing Body on Safeguarding and Equalities issues


Agendas and Minutes of Meetings

View our agenda and minutes documents in Adobe PDF format:



Agenda for 12/06/2014 (Quality & Curriculum)

Agenda for 06/03/2014 (Quality & Curriculum)

Agenda for 14/11/2013 (Quality & Curriculum)

Agenda for 13/06/2013 (Quality & Curriculum)

Agenda for 07/03/2013 (Quality & Curriculum)

Agenda for 15/11/2012 (Quality & Curriculum)

Agenda for 14/06/2012 (Quality & Curriculum)

Agenda for 01/03/2012 (Quality & Curriculum)

Agenda for 10/11/2011 (Quality & Curriculum)



Minutes for 12/06/2014 (Quality & Curriculum)

Minutes for 14/11/2013 (Quality & Curriculum)

Minutes for 13/06/2013 (Quality & Curriculum)

Minutes for 15/11/2012 (Quality & Curriculum)

Minutes for 14/06/2012 (Quality & Curriculum)

Minutes for 01/03/2012 (Quality & Curriculum)

Minutes for 10/11/2011 (Quality & Curriculum)