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Christ the King Sixth Form College

Finance and Resources Committee

Following the disbanding of the Personnel Committee in September 2013 this committee, previously known as the Finance & Property Committee, was renamed the Finance & Resources Committee and was allocated responsibilities previously undertaken by the Personnel Committee.

The Finance and Resources Committee: 

  • Receives regular accounts from the Director of Finance & Property.
  • Receives reports relating to the physical and financial resources of the College.
  • Makes recommendations to the Governing Body on the use of those resources and their development and monitors those projects.
  • Advises and make recommendations to the Governing Body so that it meets it responsibilities as an employer.
  • Determines conditions of employment save those that are non delegable under the Articles, and those that have been delegated to the Quality & Curriculum Committee.

Agendas and Minutes of Meetings

View these agenda and minutes documents in Adobe PDF format:


Agenda for 23/06/2014 (Finance & Resources)

Agenda for 31/03/2014 (Finance & Resources)

Agenda for 27/01/2014 (Finance & Resources)



Minutes for 23/06/2014 (Finance & Resources)

Minutes for 27/01/2014 (Finance & Resources)


Agendas and Minutes of Finance & Property Commitee 
(pre Sep 2013)


Agenda for 20/11/2013 (Finance & Property)

Agenda for 16/09/2013 (Finance & Property)

Agenda for 24/06/2013 (Finance & Property)

Agenda for 29/04/2013 (Finance & Property)

Agenda for 28/01/2013 (Finance & Property)

Agenda for 21/11/2012 (Finance & Property)

Agenda for 17/09/2012 (Finance & Property)

Agenda for 25/06/2012 (Finance & Property)

Agenda for 30/04/2012 (Finance & Property)

Agenda for 23/01/2012 (Finance & Property)

Agenda for 16/11/2011 (Finance & Property)

Agenda for 19/09/2011 (Finance & Property)



Minutes for 23/06/2014 (Finance & Property)

Minutes for 27/01/2014 (Finance & Property)


Agendas and Minutes of Joint Meetings between Audit and
Finance & Property Committees


Agenda for 20/11/2013 (Audit and Finance & Property) 

Agenda for 21/11/2012 (Audit and Finance & Property) 

Agenda for 16/11/2011 (Audit and Finance & Property)



Minutes for 21/11/2013 (Audit and Finance & Property) 

Minutes for 16/11/2011 (Audit and Finance & Property)