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Christ the King Sixth Form College

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee receives reports from:

  • The Internal Audit Service and other assurance providers who report on the College's internal controls and systems.
  • The Financial Statements Auditors who review the College's financial statements.
  • The Director of Finance and Estates on the College's risk management, and on progress with auditors' recommendations.

Advises the Governing Body on the comprehensiveness and effectiveness of the college's assurance framework, in particular its audit arrangements, framework of governance, risk management and controls and processes for securing economy, efficiency and effectiveness. It also advises on the appointment of auditors and on the appointment of auditors.

Agendas and Minutes of Meetings

View our agenda and minutes documents in Adobe PDF format:


Agenda for 18/06/2014

Agenda for 20/11/2013

Agenda for 19/06/2013

Agenda for 27/03/2013

Agenda for 21/11/2012

Agenda for 20/06/2012

Agenda for 21/03/2012

Agenda for 16/11/2011



Minutes for 02/04/2014

Minutes for 20/11/2013

Minutes for 19/06/2013

Minutes for 27/03/2013

Minutes for 21/11/2012

Minutes for 20/06/2012

Minutes for 21/03/2012

Minutes for 16/11/2011


Agendas and Minutes of Joint Meetings between Audit and Finance & Property Committees


Agenda for 20/11/2013 (Audit and Finance & Property)

Agenda for 21/11/2012 (Audit and Finance & Property)

Agenda for 16/11/2011 (Audit and Finance & Property)


Minutes for 21/11/2013 (Audit and Finance & Property)

Minutes for 16/11/2011 (Audit and Finance & Property)