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Christ the King Sixth Form College

Role of the Governing Body

The Governing Body:

  • Determines College policies
  • Approves the College’s development plans
  • Approves the College Quality Policy
  • Receives regular reports from the Principal, the Chaplaincy and the Student Council
  • Receives regular accounts from the Director of Finance
  • Receives annual reports from the College’s auditors
  • Receives and participates in the College’s annual Self-Assessment Report (SAR)

Although the Governing Body can initiate actions if need be, it largely works by responding to proposals, plans, requests and suggestions made by the College Management.

By law it must approve budgets and monitor financial performance.

In certain cases, it is the final court of appeal within the College.

So although it has a low profile, ‘behind the scenes’ the Governing Body plays a significant role in the life of Christ the King.

The Governing Body and its committees operate according to external rules and regulations, but also within procedures that it has set up itself in order to ensure that it carries out its role efficiently and effectively.

All procedures are contained within Governors Handbook.

These include, within the Standing Orders, a policy regarding attendance at committee meetings by persons who are not committee members.